We all live in a world where NEWS drives our decisions. We need to have up-to-date information about products and services before investing. We also live in a world with information-overload and we, therefore, need information that is accurate, easy to consume, and searchable. We also believe that great design helps you with understanding. INKISH.NEWS is not a media where an editor moderates the content. NEWS is a platform where the industry can create content and publish this. We review all articles to ensure that our guidelines and terms are not violated. 

Our approach?

First of all, many media in the printing industry do an excellent job providing great information, unbiased reviews, and with local knowledge that is a significant part of the local printing community. We are NOT trying to compete in that market. However, a majority of the news delivered as part of the daily news stream is based on press-releases. PR- & Marketing people write press releases that in the "old-time" was intended to inspire the editor to form an editorial opinion about a subject and then write about it. Since many media deliver the press-releases more or less un-edited, we decided to take another approach. Our approach is to let the players in the industry write and publish their information themselves here on INKISH.NEWS. We have built a 100% self-service platform that enables the authors to write, design, including rich media such as video, sound, etc., and then publish these articles in a nice looking, simple to use, website. The more a user clicks on an article, the more "space" it gets. Over a defined period of time, the 'featured article' will be the one with the most clicks. The featured news can be found on various partner websites to drive traffic as well as deliver most-read information to a broader audience.

How do we make money?

Anybody can publish on INKISH.NEWS for free - forever. As you can see we don't have advertising either. We do have one "tile" for a sponsor, and that will be for sale and therefore hopefully bring some revenue to INKISH. The Sponsored tile is sold as an automated auction where sponsors can buy 'days.' The statistics for the website will be fully available to everybody. Besides the sponsored 'tile' we intend to build a range of payable services. All services will be self-served as well. The intention is to create a platform that enables everybody to communicate and engage with our audience.

The reach!

We have ZERO reaches at the current time so you can ask how we believe we can build an audience? Well - first of all, we will use INKISH.NEWS, our Social Media, as well as partners to grow an audience. All articles will also be shared on Twitter under the handle @InkishNews as well as the handle from the issuing company. We will also spend marketing money to build a global audience. We intend to be one of the most read NEWS sites in the industry and we, of course, know this is a bold ambition - but we will get there!

We hope for your support!

You are ALWAYS welcome to reach out to us.

Morten B. Reitoft