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Scott Eganhouse over REST API's

President Brian Euclide and VP Business Development Scott Eganhouse are well-known 'characters' in the printing industry. Calling them 'characters' is in no way with intentions to talk them down, but they are simply masters of guerilla marketing. At some tradeshows, they exhibit, at some they don't. Regardless of whether they are exhibiting or not, they are present, and the entire staff is always dressed in suits printed as clouds. The intentions are, of course, clear, since the company is one of the few in the US (according to Scott Eganhouse) that offer handling of mail data, cloud-based. 

Not only do both Scott Eganhouse and his boss Brian Euclide dress up in cloud-printed suits, but their entire marketing is also fun - and I would even think cheap. At events, their booths are perfect. They use humor as a tool, but I take them being dead serious. In the marketing, which you can see a few examples of above they paste themselves into a lot of different scenarios, always making you smile, and I take the result is a presence in the market much broader than the money spends on marketing. Are they better than others? Well - good question. I believe the mailing industry is a challenge for most, and therefore this is a constant reminder, that you can grow market shares and new customers being smart, rather than just throwing dollars.

Tec Mailing Solutions is, however, a technical company, and they offer their services in various ways. The inspiration to write this piece came from a presentation posted by Scott Eganhouse about the virtues of their REST API. Scott Eganhouse was even without his cloud-printed suite, but he delivered an important message.

API is short for 'Application Programming Interface.' If you are not a programmer or developer, most won't understand what it is, but it's a way for different types of software to talk to together. If you, i.e., handle customer data in a CRM system and you want to do a Direct Mail the API could connect the CRM system with, i.e., TEC Mailing Solutions, deliver the data, let TEC handle the data, and even return the data to your CRM to ensure quality. API's are used all over, all the time, and we don't see them, but the API connect the solutions that make you IT integrate seamlessly.

If you would like to know more about API's you can find a lot on the Internet, but to find out more about TEC Mailing Solutions reach out to Scott Eganhouse.

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