Looking at the Post-COVID-19 era

Some thoughts from a German perspective about doing business with print

By Andreas Weber, CEO/Country Manager Inkish D-A-CH

What needs to be done with print as a business? — If one looks at scientifically sound analyzes of the economic outlook of the cuts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes apparent, with a view to Germany, that more serenity and above all prudence would be good. 

The current spring report 2020 of the leading economic institutes (summarized by Globus based on the joint diagnosis spring 2020) essentially shows the following: 

• Consumer prices remain relatively stable. 

• Unemployment rate increases only very moderately 

• Economic growth drops by 4.2% 

• Private consumption falls by 5.7 

• Export goods and services drops the most at 10.9% 

These values ​​are set for 2020. And in the preview of 2021 almost entirely compensated for or even exceeded in the growth rates. 

Only the financial balance of the German state (measured in terms of GDP (gross domestic product) will probably not be able to compensate for the 4.7% decline in 2020 next year, since a zero value is assumed for 2021. Experts believe that the necessary higher indebtedness of a rich and prosper country like Germany will hardly cause any problems.